Mac Book Pro Overheating – FIXED?

Apple is getting Greedy and their products seem to be released way to early with way to many issues. My Mac Book Pro Retina is notorious for running hot. NOW if you ask me this is planned obsolescence. but I digress….

Now the solution is many part depending for me it meant

– Disable Spotlight in Mac – open terminal enter: sudo mdutil -a -i off  – then password and to turn on the opposite – sudo mdutil -a -i on

– Disabling flash (Firefox plugin)

… BUT nothing was working  only mild improvements UNTIL this:

Got to apple icon top left – System Preferences – Energy Saver  – Switch to battery seems to help the most but I still see high temperatures 51°C.

I want to AGAIN state that this is a common issue and people are being denied support and warranty based on what is 100% apples fault and whats worse I believe its by design.

Then Again at least I did not go this route (Why I Drilled Holes in My Mac Book Pro and Put It in the Oven – written by sterling) AND then find this solution I have not seen anything 85°C but since I switched energy saver its top temp has been 65°C .

Other must haves. smcFanControl for Mac its really great for controlling your fan speed and honestly the cooler your system the longer it will last.
One last thing I am now ordering because I know running my fans the way I am I will want to get in there with some compressed air – Macbook Air, Macbook Pro Repair Tool Kit w/ 1.2mm Pentalobe Screwdriver 25 Pc