Apples planned obsolescence NOT just iPhone’s

I wrote about this 3 years ago and its been more and more obvious and sadly I would say easier now to prove then ever before.

OS X Mountain Lion was the last hope for Apples Mac and its the last update I can make on my Mac Book Pro Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013. Whats crazy is I tried to update the OS but what even crazier is that the Mountain Lion OS NEVER worked; it ran HOT and I mean it was so hot it would and did light homes on fire. I looked for solutions for months and it actually became such a problem in that I was unable to find a solution for months until t was so troublesome I extended my warranty because I just simply could not afford a new computer. SEEMINGLY the only reason fo this misery is and was Apples planned obsolescence PROOF YOU SAY? PROOF I HAVE….. MY PROOF is a 3rd party application called smc Fan Control. Apples planned obsolescence NOT just iPhones NO ITS ABSOLUTELY planned obsolescence amongst its very expensive an new computers too. I called them for months about this and then when I finally found a solution and repeatedly notified their support OVER AND OVER AGAIN it was like they just did not care never mentioning solutions many of us mac users found. Part B of the solution was that you switch your Mac to battery and turn off the automatic graphics switching. NOW this is a sacrifice in performance BUT it means the difference between your mac lasting a year or a couple year and in my case with this and the smc Fan Control.

OS X El Capitan is a solid 2.0 of a 5 on its own website store

What is awfully telling and suspending of all hope as for anyone that does a mild search they will find the independent reviews to be all good at least until you get past the obvious paid opposition.

AND its true

Most Mac users are told fags, I know I am both.

Put it this way Apple if you are the Serpent tempting Eve with an Apple Bill Gates has a fucking hard on!

OH and then there is this:

User reviews: Apple OS X Mavericks (10.9) 4.1 0f 5 – OS X Yosemite 2.3 of 5 – Apple OS X El Capitan 1.9 of 5