Canadian Cannabis

Canadian Cannabis

Canadian Cannabis is an online Cannabis Dispensary and mail order Cannabis outlet as well as politically charged media and news.

Jason Wettstein was Creative Director on contract: Web design, Web Marketing, Blogging and Website Management. Wettstein designed all the branding, wrote blogs and maintained network of social media, developed and maintained the WordPress website.

“I left Canadian Cannabis couple weeks ago when the owner decided to put more responsibility on my plate that I was and am not comfortable with. I do feel its a shame anyone would have to fear their government over such a thing but there it is I am just a creative guy and have no interest in the risk. I do not even smoke weed. I am helping CC transition to the new owner.”

UPDATE Sept 21 2017: I have been asked to maintain website and network and have agreed as long as I am not involved in the business beyond design and marketing.

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