Mac Book Pro Overheating – FIXED?

Apple is getting Greedy and their products seem to be released way to early with way to many issues. My Mac Book Pro Retina is notorious for running hot. NOW if you ask me this is planned obsolescence. but I digress….

Now the solution is many part depending for me it meant

– Disable Spotlight in Mac – open terminal enter: sudo mdutil -a -i off  – then password and to turn on the opposite – sudo mdutil -a -i on

– Disabling flash (Firefox plugin)

… BUT nothing was working  only mild improvements UNTIL this:

Got to apple icon top left – System Preferences – Energy Saver  – Switch to battery seems to help the most but I still see high temperatures 51°C.

I want to AGAIN state that this is a common issue and people are being denied support and warranty based on what is 100% apples fault and whats worse I believe its by design.

Then Again at least I did not go this route (Why I Drilled Holes in My Mac Book Pro and Put It in the Oven – written by sterling) AND then find this solution I have not seen anything 85°C but since I switched energy saver its top temp has been 65°C .

Other must haves. smcFanControl for Mac its really great for controlling your fan speed and honestly the cooler your system the longer it will last.
One last thing I am now ordering because I know running my fans the way I am I will want to get in there with some compressed air – Macbook Air, Macbook Pro Repair Tool Kit w/ 1.2mm Pentalobe Screwdriver 25 Pc

Basic Beginner wordpress tutorial

Beginner WordPress Tutorial Video

Basic Beginner wordpress tutorial

This Video Tutorial is as basic as it gets definitely a beginner WordPress Tutorial Video – WP Dashboard Overview Tutorial. This video will give you a basic overview of the WordPress dashboard including how to do a post and add a page as well as plugins. I Will post more Tutorials as needed or as requested by you my clients or my blog fans and readers. WordPress themes are quite simply the best Blogging and Content Management System’s around and trust me I have tried all the other CMS available online.

Do you have a WordPress Website and it needs a fresh design or maybe just some small updates or SEO and don’t want to optimize and write your own content? We are your best and most affordable solution. Please call Wettstein 778-707-0787 for more information or contact use here.


WordPress Dashboard tutorial

You can see pages on the left posts and plugins its that easy click on what it is you wish to add or edit.

Search Engin Optimization Vancouver

Great advice with Matt Cutts from Google on WordPress & SEO

Its funny as a lot has changed but the most retentive info in this has not. Many Design Agencies will spin loads of stories about why you need SEO help from them but the truth is anyone can do it. Good Search Engine Optimization is content driven. If you write and share good content people will share and link back to your site its that simple. The more relevant the origins of the links back to your site in content and page rank the better for your rank too.  While this video was republished in 2013 I believe its original recording was 2009 yet again there may be lots of new tricks and cheats but the core of good SEO, gaining traffic and increasing you ranking is driven by hard work, good content and loving what you are doing and what you are providing myself I am not as much of a blogger when it comes to web but I am one hell of an activist and political blogger with a reach of 3 million on the low end each and every week and this is growing despite being throttled down by many ISP’s and blatant Censorship on many sites like facebook and sadly YouTube and while you tube is independent from Google thats only in name and maybe some management so I see the censorship in YouTube as a sign of things to come with Google. This is usually where people ask me what it is I am posting that is being censored what could be negatively effecting my sites traffic ranking and its SEO? I advocate that its irresponsible to pay tax to governments that finance wars and it makes you complacent and in that complacency its as much as consent AND the upside for you is since I do not pay tax I do not charge tax though I do ask you to donate the equivalent in tax to a Sister Project Gardening Spirits we call it GST and if you are in Canada you may enjoy the intended pun as we here have a GTS the Goods and Services Tax ours is more of a Good Samaritan Tax.

Good content is what makes for a good site and there is no real shortcut to S.E.O so don’t waste your time and also note that search engines will penalize you when they think you are trying to word stock your site or if you use link farms. I know you likely get these seo emails everyday just as I do and all this will do is cost you money, time and damage your web site and its reputation.

The irrepressible Matt Cutts from Google showcases the good and the bad of WordPress as seen through the eyes of Google, including basics on how Google search works and how you can boost your blog’s results in Google searches.

You would naturally expect a pitch for good design and I wont disappointing you here design is very important not just the look of your site but even more importantly the usability if I come to a site and don’t find what I am looking for almost immediately I am back to google’s next result. This also a great time to mention that fact that if you are not in the top page you don’t matter unless your users is looking specifically for you but if its a cold search and you are not top 3 on page 1 well you are not likely getting a lot of traffic and if traffic is in anyway how you generate business or income thats going to hurt.

Some things that also help are meta tags, image tags, titles and of coarse keywords but too much of a good thing can apparently be bad too. Google likes responsive design too so if you are still living in 2010 its time for an upgrade and I am not one to poke too much fun here as while I have been designing responsive sites for a few years only just recently have I been moving my own sites over as a matter of fact if you read are reading this the day it was posted then you will have noticed my site is not even finished and oh yeah thats very bad for ranking that and erros and broken links so get on that too with Google webmasters tools link below.

Keywords do matter too but make sure they are natural and feel organic.
Google Webmasters tools very helpful.

OH WAIT one trick but its still not going to work without content and its called Viral Marketing and Viral Content I have had posts reach millions but without content to keep them coming back it will not be lasting and you will bounce most of your websites visitors.

Matt Cutts from Google on WordPress & SEO

Matt Cutts from Google on WordPress & SEO